July 8, 2020 | Home Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of Condo Living

Congratulations! You’re finally ready to own your first home. As a first time buyer, you will be making a lot of important decisions and one of them is choosing what type of property you want to live in. A house in the suburbs has always been the standard, but the fast-paced growth of urban centers and our increasingly changing lifestyles have given birth to a wider variety of housing options.

Condominiums, in particular, have become popular in recent years especially among young professionals and starting families. As of 2019, there are about 130,000 units in key business hubs in Metro Manila alone and it is projected to grow more in the next few years. The unique mix of private ownership and shared access as well as its affordability make it an attractive prospect for homeowners.

But what’s in it for you as a first time buyer? Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a condominium unit:


This is one of the main factors that make condos the go-to option for many homebuyers. They are generally much more affordable compared to single-detached houses in the same area.


Condos are usually located in or around business hubs, right in the middle of the city. You no longer have to worry that much about long commutes and the notorious Metro Manila traffic just to get to work. Aside from that, you also get to enjoy all the conveniences of urban living like easy access to shopping malls and entertainment hubs.


Condos provide round-the-clock security and concierge to maintain its homeowners’ safety and privacy. You also get peace of mind because condo units come with important features like fire alarms and sprinklers in case of emergency.


Condos strive to be more than just a place to go home to after a long day. They also serve as communities that enrich your lives. Most modern condos come with exclusive amenities like gyms, playgrounds, and swimming pools that make living more comfortable and enjoyable. You don’t have to pay different subscription fees just to use each one of them because your monthly condo fees already cover it.

Minimal Maintenance Effort

If you have a very busy lifestyle, then a condo is a practical choice for you because it doesn’t take much to maintain it. You don’t have to worry about utility lines or paint works because these are all taken care of before you move in. At the same time, condos usually have an engineering and maintenance office that you can call in case some problems arise in your unit.

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