July 8, 2020 | Inspired Home Living

Easy Space Saving Ideas for Your Condo

Condominiums are fast becoming the home of choice for young urban dwellers because of their accessibility to key centers in Metro Manila, like business districts and malls. However, condo living also comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest problems faced by condo dwellers is the limited space available.

Fortunately, there’s nothing a little creativity can’t solve. Here are some tips to help you maximize your condo’s space.

  1. Invest in multi-purpose furniture

When living in a restricted space, you have to be smart with your furniture choices. Multi-purpose pieces like sofa beds or shelves with pullout tables will not just save you a lot of floor space, but it will also help you save on cost because you get two items for the price of one.

  • Consider open shelving and vertical storage options

Boxy storage like closed cabinets and armoires can take over a room and make it feel smaller. For compact spaces, vertical storage and open shelving are better options. They will make your rooms feel lighter and look more visually appealing while freeing up some valuable floor real estate.

  • Make use of mirrors

Mirrors are your go-to accessories when you want to make small spaces look bigger than they are. Some design ideas you can go for include floor-to-ceiling mirrors, round statement mirrors, or a gallery of framed mirrors.

  • Let there be light.

Good lighting opens up a room in an instant. As such, always allow natural light to flow into your condo as much as possible. Avoid blocking windows with heavy curtains or furniture. Brighten up your place further by adding light sources in every section.

  • Don’t neglect the walls

Bare walls are one of the most underutilized spaces in a home. Start thinking of them as possible storage places. Utilize hooks and racks to hang up accessories, shoes, or pots and pans instead of dumping them inside a drawer or cabinet.

  • Use color wisely.

White is a go-to color for many designers when painting small spaces because of its high reflective qualities that make a room look more spacious. However, you don’t have to be stuck with this color option if you don’t want to. Lighter shades of other colors can do the same trick. Darker colors, on the other hand, tend to absorb light. The result is a room that feels more confined.

  • Declutter regularly

No matter how much you try to work things around, you have to accept the fact that you are dealing with limited space. Stick to a “less is more” lifestyle. Always do an inventory of your stuff every quarter or every six months to prevent clutter from forming and occupying precious space.